Wikipedia founder to combat fake news with new website

Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, has launched a new website to help combat fake news.

The crowd-funded Wikitribune aims to be a “new kind of news platform” that will take the fight to the producers and facilitators of fake news by “bringing journalists and a community of volunteers together”.

Ten journalists will be hired to produce “professional, standards-based journalism that incorporates the radical idea from the world of Wiki – that a community of volunteers can, and will, reliably protect and improve articles”. (more…)

How to save money on recruitment

MTA media headhuntersResearch from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation suggests 42% of employers have raised their levels of pay in order to secure difficult-to-attract staff.

What makes staff difficult-to-attract varies from company to company; but usually it is because the skill set needed is in high demand but low supply (HDLS); because of location issues; or because the company or its sector is simply ‘not sexy’.

These are all valid reasons why your company may struggle to attract the best people. But poor recruitment practices are a much bigger issue. (more…)

BAFTA Games Awards: What’s changed in the last five years?

This month saw the annual BAFTA Games Awards take place with gongs handed out to the great and the good of the gaming industry, but the 2017 ceremony raises a question: were there any games featured that really point us toward the future of the sector?

Five years ago, key BAFTA Games Awards category winners included two side-scrolling platformers, a first-person shooter, a first-person platformer adventure, a side scrolling exploration game and a mobile arcade game.

This year the award includes a side-scrolling platformer, a first-person shooter, a third-person action adventure, a third/first-person exploration game, a first-person exploration adventure, a multiplayer arcade game. (more…)

Vogue’s new editor Edward Enninful will shake up the status quo

Conde Nast announced this week the appointment of the popular and influential Edward Enninful as the new Editor of British Vogue. The response from the fashion and media world has been widespread delight.

Enninful is not only, as New York Times states, “the first male editor of British Vogue since its founding in 1916,” he is also the “first black editor of any edition of Vogue.” (more…)

How do you measure the quality of a candidate?

Everyone agrees that it is important to have the best talent at the top of an organisation.  But how do you ensure that you’re adequately assessing the quality of your candidates throughout the recruitment process?

Over time, the quality of a hire can be measured by the revenue they bring in, the interest their creative work generates, or how they keep customers happy. But what about when they’re sitting opposite you in an interview? What techniques can you use to accurately compare candidates to ensure you’re hiring the right person? (more…)

72% say we’ll be worse off, according to our Brexit survey

Boom – and we’re off. Like it or not.

The EU ambassador has just delivered official notification to Donald Tusk of the UK’s intention to leave the European Union.

Whatever your views about the result of the referendum, Brexit is now a reality, and is the environment in which we will all be operating.

So what does this mean for the industries we work in? We carried out a quick Brexit survey in the Autumn last year to ask people how they saw the future for their own business, and for the economy in general.

A summary of the results is below. But we would also like to see how – or if – sentiment has changed in the six months since then. Click on this link to complete an updated survey. This will only take two minutes. (more…)

Secondary ticketing – could self-regulation work?

Viagogo’s decision this week to snub the culture committee’s hearing into secondary ticketing was misguided and likely to imperil efforts at self-regulation.

The secondary ticketing market, which includes online marketplace sites like Viagogo and GetMeIn!, is worth an estimated $8bn a year.

While useful to genuine fans, these sites also make it very easy for touts to sell tickets at hugely inflated prices – and that, in part, is one of reasons why the committee was keen to take a look at the industry. (more…)

Seven interview questions for George Osborne

So the Evening Standard has a new editor. As we in the headhunting profession know well, no media organisation would approach such a critical appointment without a full and rigorous competency-based interview process.

Here are seven key questions we would require a prospective editor to answer in interview. We can only assume from his appointment that George Osborne aced them all. (more…)

Why publishers no longer need to worry about ad blockers

Ad blocking was labelled as an existential threat to ad-supported digital content by some (including us on occasion), but its anticipated growth has failed to materialise and digital publishers are breathing a sigh of relief.

According to the Internet Advertising Bureau UK, the proportion of British adults using ad blocking software online in February was 22.1%.

The figure is less than half-a-percent more than in the same month last year and shows growth almost grinding to a halt. In February 2016, year-on-year growth of those using ad blockers stood at around six percent. (more…)

Can crowdfunding help media businesses?

In my last blog on gaming consoles, I asked whether anyone would be brave enough to launch a new Nintendo magazine in light of the projected success of the Nintendo Switch console.  Well, it turns out they have been…

Just days after I wrote that piece, SwitchPlayer magazine received a limited release after funds were raise for its launch through crowdsourcing platform Patreon. (more…)