Guardian Labs and the play for native advertising

Banner advertising has long been the established method by which digital publishers generate income – but an increased use of mobile, difficultly innovating the humble skyscraper, and growing customer ‘blindness’ to banners has led many to re-evaluate their approach and … Continued

Careers in journalism: what have I learned in fifteen years as a media headhunter?

This article first appeared in Press Gazette Last month marked fifteen years since I became a media headhunter. Much of that time has been concerned with careers in journalism. Which begs the question: what, if anything, have I learned in … Continued

Changing face of media – fifteen years as a headhunter

Today marks fifteen years since I first became a media headhunter. It is astonishing how much the sector has changed in that time. The job titles themselves are indicative of these changes. While we still recruit MDs, Editors, Sales Directors … Continued