Why diversity matters

We believe that without diversity, no organisation can fulfil its potential.

Monocultures solve problems the same way, continue to give the same answers, and are slow to change. Diverse organisations are nimble, think differently, and are more interesting places to be.

Too many people recruit people they know, or people who are like them. And too many recruiters rely on their ‘little black book’ of contacts. At MTA, we have long believed this leads to a diminishing gene pool which ultimately stymies innovation and growth.

Our approach ensures a level playing field for candidates regardless of race, gender, sexuality, class or educational advantage.

We are proud that we have a 50:50 gender balance in our company, that a third of the team are from minority ethnic backgrounds and 20% from the LGBTQ+ community.

And we love working together to help other companies achieve their potential.

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