How blind recruitment can benefit executive search

The new face of recruitment?

A couple of months ago, having taken a brief from a new client, we received a slightly unexpected request. They asked us if we would be able to incorporate blind recruitment into our process.

We’ve written about blind recruitment in the past. We’ve also had several clients who have made a diverse shortlist a core part of the brief, and have delivered impressive shortlists that were both gender-balanced and ethnically diverse. The team themselves have all received unconscious bias training. But the question of running a blind search process had us scratching our heads. After all, the process of executive search necessitates knowing who you are approaching before you talk to them.

In the end, we decided to make it a normal search for us, and blind for the client. We would of course be aware of who we were approaching, and we conducted thorough face-to-face first-round interviews as normal. But the client would have no idea who individual candidates were until after they had agreed to interview them.

This posed a few challenges in our weekly update calls: we learned to get used to

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