The changing face of communications

In an era when many consumers are as comfortable making purchases online as they are on the high street, the benefits of a strong digital offering are obvious. But the changing face of communications means that the online space is also highly competitive. Users are fussy about their experience and it is costly to get it wrong. The best sites demand the best people, and they are increasingly sought after.

As media headhunters and a communications search consultancy, Martin Tripp Associates has regularly recruited communications directors and their teams for non-media clients. But we have recently seen an increasing emphasis on new media skills in the retail sector as companies prepare for recovery. However, good online operations directors, e-commerce managers, editors, producers, designers, developers and user experience experts are not easily found in the retail industry.

Image of communications search consultancy business meeting
Image of communications search consultancy meeting – courtesy of SalFalko (Flickr)

Fortunately, we have a wealth of experience in identifying, interviewing and recruiting the people that can build and manage effective web services. We are often asked to advise our clients on the shape of their teams, and the skills that may be necessary. And, of course, we continue to recruit communications directors, in-house editorial teams, intranet managers, and others who are vital to the success of business.


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