Media recruiting: why your business needs media people

We are all media companies now. And we need media skills to match.

The phenomenal pace of change in internet and mobile technology means that retailers, banks and other consumer-facing businesses are no longer just competing with their high street rivals; they are competing for consumer attention with anyone who has a presence in the digital space. To be effective, they are having to think like media businesses.

As a result, these companies need to produce compelling, regularly-updated content which boosts search results, improves traffic and drives online sales. They need marketers who understand the dynamics of online usage, and experts in user behaviour who can help create navigable and well-designed destinations. And they need strategists who can identify the next trends in the digital markets.

Over the years, we have worked with many non-media clients to give them access to candidates with relevant skills from the media world. Our media recruiting team has twenty years’ experience in recruiting key roles such as heads of e-commerce, online marketers, editors, strategists, content teams and operational managers.

As with many in-demand roles, finding good people is tough. And too often, the difference between good people and not-so-good is failure. As headhunters, we make sure we cover the market and speak to every potential candidate. Our success rate is enviable, and we are able to add an unparalleled depth of understanding to the search process.

In a market that never stops evolving, and where talent really counts, we help our clients stay on top of the challenges and keep ahead of your competition.


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Martin Tripp Associates is a London-based executive search consultancy. While we are best-known for our work in the TMT (technology, media, and telecoms) space, we have also worked with some of the world’s biggest brands on challenging senior positions. Feel free to contact us to discuss any of the issues raised in this blog.