Remote hiring and onboarding: an MTA survey

We want to hear your thoughts.

We would like to invite you to participate in our industry-wide survey on socially-distanced, remote hiring and onboarding. We’re interested in your views whatever your circumstances, and whether or not you have been involved in hiring or onboarding new team members.

Over the past few months, we’ve spoken to hundreds of business leaders to find out how they’ve been coping and adapting. Many of you have had a hugely challenging time, with revenues hit, staff furloughed and redundancies made. Others have seen more resilient revenue streams, or a sudden increase in demand. If anything, we’ve been surprised how many organisations have continued hiring at various levels throughout the pandemic. But the question of how they’re hiring perhaps hasn’t received as much attention.

Nearly all of that recruitment has needed to take place over video conferencing, including for senior team members. For many businesses, this has never happened before, and many are still finding their way.

Social distancing also throws up challenges for onboarding new starters, and integrating them into the team. By now, some members of staff are nearing the end of probation period without having spent a single day in the office.

Over the past few weeks, businesses are beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel. We can get out a little more; market confidence is beginning to return; and there’s a general urge to make up for lost time. There’s a lot of catching up to do: entire business plans have had to be rewritten, some product portfolios need to be rebalanced, new skillsets are required.

While restrictions are being relaxed across the country, particularly in our leisure activity, it looks like social distancing in the workplace will be with us for a while yet. Indeed, several businesses have told us that they will not require anyone to be physically present in the office for the remainder of 2020.

It looks like this new way of recruiting will be with us for some time. We would love to hear how confident you’re feeling about it, so please complete our survey. The results will be shared on this blog in a couple of weeks, and should make interesting reading.

(Please note that this is an anonymous survey. We would, however, love to talk to you in more detail about your answers if you are happy to do so. If so, please feel free to leave your name and contact details in the comments box at the bottom.)


Matt D’Cruz

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