Garbage in, garbage out: AI in recruitment

Artificial, yes. Intelligent?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an incredibly powerful tool with many applications; but questions have been asked about its usage in our sector. We wrote about AI recruitment technology a few years ago, and the picture hasn’t changed much, except in its uptake: AI recruitment tools now proliferate.

For people who have entered the job market in the last few years, and especially in 2020, HireVue has become a dreaded part of application processes. Even pre-pandemic, competitive grad schemes relied on HireVue as a first stage filter to their applicant pool, minimizing employee time used, while maximizing applications slashed. The reasoning behind this is fair enough: Goldman Sachs receives 250 000 applications for their graduate positions, and the rate of offers made for the big players in professional services are famously in single digits.

No surprise, though, that this shortcut has drawbacks. A Cornell University study published this January titled “Image Representations Learned with Unsupervised Pre-Training Contain Human-like Biases,” found that the machine-learning models that AI tools used by products like HireVue are based on large datasets sourced from the internet for cost-saving purposes. The conclusion of the survey: “Our results suggest

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