What could Pinterest do for fashion e-commerce, tech and media jobs?

The explosion of Pinterest is something we hear about on a daily basis. The fact that it’s biggest group user group is 18-34 year-old, upper-income women who are interested in subjects such as fashion and interior design is of great interest to fashion e-commerce players. The site appeals to the human desire to collect things and lends itself brilliantly to the display of photos of a user’s ideal wardrobe. This could boost a retailer’s brand – have a great knock-on for tech and media jobs – and give very good indications as to a user’s buying preferences.

As tweeted last month at the Drapers Ecommerce Conference, Pinterest is now the third biggest driver of traffic to my-wardrobe after paid and organic search.  It’s still early days but it’ll be interesting to follow the development of Pinterest and see which multichannel retailers start to profit from it.

Blogging in January, I wrote about augmented reality technologies and the potential power of the ‘Tweet Mirror’. Imagine creating a ‘Pinterest Mirror’. That would be pretty cool…. And potentially a very powerful tool for retailers.

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